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Leafs Unveil New Toronto Arenas Throwback Jersey!

The Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to the future with a blast from the past! They have unveiled their Toronto Arenas throwback jersey to mark their 100th anniversary! They will wear the jersey only once next season for their 100th anniversary game on December 19th against the Carolina Hurricanes. This game will be played 100 years to the day after their first ever game which was played against the Montreal Canadiens in 1917. This announcement confirms the report we made a few weeks back.

The Toronto Arenas are what the team was called when they first entered the league & their jersey is very similar to the one they wore back then. The numbers are made with vintage-style fabrics with a unique swirly stitching pattern.

This is the very first time in Leafs history that they will wear a Toronto Arenas throwback jersey!

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