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New Jersey Devils Unveil Third Jersey For 2018-19 NHL Season!

The New Jersey Devils unveiled their new third jersey out of nowhere today and boy was it a pleasant surprise!

Finally a third jersey that isn't black! Not only that but it is a super rare white third jersey that isn't often done since white is the away colour and fans want to see them where it on home ice. Having said that I assume they will still mostly wear this one at home anyway!

What else?.... it's a throwback to their 1980's white uniforms! It's a perfect match and there's no other way it should be (except for the Adidas collar...Obviously!!).

Well, it's a beauty so have another look!

I give this a 10/10. Comment below what your thoughts are?

Read about the other 2018-19 third jerseys that have been unveiled and the ones that will be revealed soon here.

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