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Winnipeg Jets 2018-19 "Aviator" Third Jersey Officially Unveiled

The Winnipeg Jets have officially unveiled their "Aviator Blue" third jersey for 2018-19.


  • Brand new "Jets" wordmark logo. It's a tribute to the original Winnipeg Jets' primary logos. They always feature the word "Jets" as well as a jet and so does this one. The jet in this new logo is a lot more subtle though - hidden in the stroke of the "t."

  • The jersey striping is directly pulled from the last jersey the original Winnipeg Jets ever wore.

  • This jersey is also tied to the Atlanta Thrashers history as well. It is the first time the franchise has worn this shade of blue since they moved from Atlanta. And since they are now called the "Jets," the blue now has a fierce new name too - "Aviator Blue."

  • New slogan added to the collar that reads, "We Are True North." Not to be confused with the Toronto Raptors popular slogan, "We The North." Hopefully they can agree that they both exist in the northern direction...


I give this third jersey a refreshing 9/10! It's a fresh, modern & unique take on the original Winnipeg Jets jersey. It successfully combines the original Winnipeg franchise with the new one. Love the big bold new Jets wordmark and the unique colour that no other team in the league has. The only thing that they could have done is tie in some red but honestly I prefer the current jersey as is.

Let us know what you think in the comments below...


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