NEW: Bruins and Blackhawks 2019 Winter Classic Jerseys Officially Unveiled

November 9, 2018



The Bruins and Blackhawks 2019 Winter Classic jerseys are now officially unveiled! As we reported, they will both go way back to the early years of their franchises in the 1920's & 30's. Both jerseys were given minor modifications to make it a bit more modern.


First to unveil was the Boston Bruins...



It is a beautiful throwback from the 30's, bringing back the classic brown & gold!


  • Their 6 Stanley Cup Championship years were placed on 6 three-leaf clovers spread across the inside of the collar.

  • The Winter Classic logo was stitched on as a shoulder patch.

  • "B" logo adjusted to match the font of the "B" in their current primary logo.

  • The "Winter Classic Adidas collar" returns again in 2019.



It is heavily inspired by two brown & gold jerseys they wore in the 1930's seen below. They took the "B" logo from the jersey on the right and the overall stripe design from the jersey on the left (adjusting it to today's Adidas jersey style). 



Then their opponent, the Chicago Blackhawks, unveiled their classic black and white throwbacks!




  • Each of their Stanley Cup Championship years were placed on the inside of the collar.

  • Like the Bruins, they also used the "Winter Classic Adidas collar" and have the Winter Classic logo was stitched on as a shoulder patch.

  • Their inaugural logo was adjusted to match their current branding.


And for the jersey behind the jersey... When the Blackhawks first entered the league they wore only black and white and one of their inaugural uniforms was the one below. The Winter Classic one removed some stripes going down from the shoulders of the jersey and behind the logo to make it a bit more modern. Other differences are that it has a white collar instead of a black one and they elected to use black gloves instead of those Michelin Man styled ones. However, the pants were not forgotten as the same design will be used.



Very happy with these two uniforms. Great historic throwbacks and tweaked to perfection. Can't wait to see the on the ice outdoors!


Here are the two side by side in our Puck Marks Template...




 Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Learn about all of the new uniforms coming in 2018-19 at our JerseyNews page.




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