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L.A. Kings Officially Unveil Silver Third Jersey for 2018-19

The Los Angeles Kings have officially unveiled their silver third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season. For the most part it is the same as their 2016-17 Anniversary jersey, minus the shoulder patches and all of the gold.


  • Jersey is adjusted to the Adidas template (Adidas collar, perforated shoulder yokes, shiny silver material between the two black sleeve stripes).

  • Three collar laces instead of two.

  • Inside the collar are two crowns (primary logo from 1999-2013) representing their two Stanley Cup Championships (2012 & 2014) - all in their original purple and gold collar scheme.

  • Two black stripes also represent their two Stanley Cups.

  • Single waist stripe is pulled from their original gold and purple jersey. Shoulder yokes were pulled from their purple and black era of uniforms.

  • Jersey was supposedly picked by the Kings players to return this season (rare for the players to get a chance to give their input).


I give this jersey a 7.5/10. Like the meaningful elements that make up the jersey. Lots of team history intentionally represented in the design. Like it when a team uses their secondary collar as the base for their third.

A little disappointed to basically get the same jersey from 2016-17. Considering that was their anniversary jersey, it seems odd to have it come back permanently. One thing is I'm not a fan of how the Kings logo looks on a silver background. Some fans suggested to bring back their original crown logo as the crest in the black and silver colour scheme. I actually think that would have been a good idea, especially since that logo is nowhere to be found on the jersey.

Let us know what you think of their new third in the comments below...


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