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NEW: Carolina Hurricanes Unveil Brand New Road Uniform for 2019-20

The Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their brand away jersey & uniforms today and one thing definitely came by surprise... No Hurricanes logo! Their primary logo was completely absent from not just the jersey but the entire uniform. They wanted it to be unique and that is certainly unique for a primary uniform. They are now the only team to have a different logo as their primary crest for each of their home, away and third jerseys (not to mention their throwback Hartford Whaler jersey!). They have also unveiled the most adizero jerseys over any other team since the Adidas rebrand with five.

So if they didn't use their primary logo for the crest then what did they use? A very controversial diagonal word mark nickname logo reminiscent to the "SENS" or "BOLTS" third jerseys that people thought the NHL had locked away for good. Now, for a nickname word mark such as "CANES" to end up dead center on a primary jersey is unprecedented. But it's here and it's staying. Let's just hope it doesn't catch on!

Here's a closer look...

Here is the full uniform...

Despite the crest, this jersey definitely does top the previous one in my mind. More detail and a much cleaner design. They embraced red as their primary colour and reduced black to help distinguish themselves from other red and black teams like Chicago & New Jersey. This change certainly pushes them closer to their unique brand identity as a modern version of their original away jerseys.

For more information on the details of the design visit

Let us know what you think of the Canes' new design in the comments below.

With all the new primary jersey changes now know, stay tuned for the rest of the new third jersey unveilings.

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