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LEAKED: Avalanche & Kings 2020 Stadium Series Jerseys Revealed

Both the Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings 2020 Stadium Series jerseys have leaked and are they ever different looking! Usually, the Stadium Series jerseys represent a modern and futuristic version of the NHL, but I sure hope this is not where future NHL jerseys are headed...

Both jerseys are split between two colours and have a logo-type design incorporated into it. This is very much different than the typical logo crest that you see on the chest of the jersey. This one resembles more of the Canucks popular "flying V" jersey style and it is clear that one team did a much better job accomplishing it than the other.

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The Avalanche's jersey is a split between the top half as blue and the bottom half as burgundy, with some clean white numbers and lettering. Unfortunately that is where the positives end. Brutally dead center of the jersey sits a gigantic deformed letter "A" that even uses the pentagon part of those beloved Adidas collars for some help. I even recognize the inclusion of elements from their Colorado Rockies triangle logo but it is done with very poor execution. I appreciate the attempt to do something new and different but if I'm honest, it looks a like something a kindergartner patched together (especially the bottom burgundy part of the "A" - it is literally patched on!). It may be one of the worst NHL jerseys in its history.

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In my opinion, the Kings did a much better job with their jersey. This design just looks a lot more detailed, professional and complete. It is half black, and half white and uses their "LA" font from their current logo while incorporating in the horizontal lines from their old "Gretzky era" logo. Very simple and modern but still has the little details and thorough thought behind it. I will give this one a passing grade.

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Check back soon for the official unveiling of both jerseys...

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