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St. Louis Blues Unveil New Heritage Jersey For The 2018-19 NHL Season

The St. Louis Blues are the 6th team to officially unveil their third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season (see the others here). Actually, instead of a "third jersey" they are calling it their "heritage jersey" as it will fall one game short of what qualifies as a third jersey (it will be worn for 11 games instead of 12). You think you've seen it before? Well you're right. This is almost an identical match to their 2017 Winter Classic jersey which was a throwback to their original jersey from when they entered the league in 1967.

The only difference between this jersey and their Winter Classic version is that they have added their state flag pattern to the inside-part of the forever-enduring Adidas collar.

This uniform was such hit with Blues fans in 2017 so I think it's a no-brainer to bring it back! A beautiful jersey too - I give it 10/10.

Stay tuned as there should be as many as 10 more third jerseys still to be unveiled. Keep checking our JerseyNews page for the latest updates.

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