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Adidas has released pictures teasing each of their newly designed NHL jerseys (minus Toronto, Chicago & Pittsburgh)! The pictures are close ups of each team's crest, thus not revealing much that we don't already know. One thing it did was confirm some changes that we have already reported. These changes include: -Steel grey will be the Vegas Golden Knights' primary colour. -Edmonton will switch to orange home jerseys and go from royal to navy blue throughout their entire uniforms. -Minnesota will switch to green home jerseys. Things we learned: -Buffalo will not be switching to royal blue as their primary colour and will not be removing grey from their uniforms. -Part of Minnesota's new green home jersey will be a fat beige stripe going across the chest and behind their logo (similar to Montreal or Florida).

-Vegas will have some extra subtle designs within their logo on their uniforms compared to the one that was unveiled in November. -All other team logos will remain the same. The full reveal of all 31 NHL teams' new Adidas uniforms will come on June 20th, 2017 in Las Vegas!

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