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(credit to for the photo) This may be the new Edmonton Oilers Adidas home jersey as it seems to be using the Adidas template that we seen at the World Cup of Hockey and is navy blue instead of royal blue. But there are a few details that could object to that. First, in the teaser photo we've seen (below) it shows a blue collar but in the photo it shows a white collar (although we can't see the back of the collar). Also, in the teaser photo the player name is white with a blue outline but in tho photo the numbers are blue with a white outline. The numbers usually match the names but not all the time.

So, is that enough to discredit the photo? And if it is the new Oilers home jersey, do you like it? Stay tuned as all 31 teams will unveil their new Adidas jerseys at an NHL event in Las Vegas on June 20.

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