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The Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to wear a Toronto Arenas throwback jersey to mark their 100th anniversary! The Toronto Arenas are what the team was called when they played their 1st game 100 years ago on December 19th, 1917 against the Montreal Canadiens.

The reason we think that they will wear an Arenas jersey is because of this order form that hit the web this morning...

Also, last year we caught this shot of a Toronto Arena jersey hanging up at the Air Canada Centre from the show, "The Leaf: Blueprint." This jersey is not just an old replica because it has the modern jersey template used for some Winter Classic jerseys. At the time we thought it was their new Centennial Classic jersey but that didn't turn out. Maybe it will be used for their 100th anniversary game... except I believe this is a Reebok template and the NHL has just switched to Adidas.

Their 100th anniversary game is on December 19th against the Carolina Hurricanes so stay tuned for an official unveiling!

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