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All 13 Men's Hockey Jerseys Unveiled For 2018 Olympics

(Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Korea, Canada, Finland, USA, Slovenia, Norway, Japan)

All 13 men's hockey jerseys were unveiled for the 2018 Olympics today and unfortunately they all had the same gradient-filled, waist-stripeless, zebra-like Nike template - Except for one! Team Sweden still managed to keep their 2 blue traditional stripes on the sleeve of their jersey but still without stripes on the waist.

As far as how the jersey was constructed you can see details in the image below. Similar to Adidas, Nike has created their lightest jersey ever by removing the collar, adding mesh under the arms & below the collar, and making the crest & numbers lighter with only one layer of fabric which is applied with heat instead of stitching.

Here are some images of Canada, USA, Russia & Korea's jerseys which were released...

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