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Senators, Canadiens NHL100 Classic Logos, Jerseys Revealed

The NHL100 Classic jerseys & logos have officially been unveiled! As you can see both logos & jerseys incorporate silver into them similarly to how the Leafs & Red Wings did it for last season's Centennial Classic. The silver represents each franchise's 100 year history along with the Stanley Cups they both have won.


Traditional + simple = safe bet to be a good jersey. One downside is there is quite a lot of white & not a whole lot of colour - could use some more red. Also, it looks a bit funny that the sleeve stripes & waist stripes are not the same but this is a constant in Canadiens jersey history; they have never matched those two stripes. All in all, it is a sweet & simple jersey which should look good in game action!


Anything is better than their current uniforms they use but these are a great set of traditional striped uniforms. Yes, we might have seen quite a few variations of this exact same design over recent years with the giant "O" over top of large chest stripes. However, that is huge part of Ottawa's brand and their early history so it makes sense. I like teams who stick to their brand and not change it so frequently. I'd take this over their current home jerseys any day! One more tidbit; this is the first time that the Adidas collar's upper fat stripe has been divided into two colours... and it look pretty good.

Still not for sure on how the numbers on the back will be but here is how we think it will look...

The Ottawa Senators will host the Montreal Canadiens for the NHL100 Classic on December 16, 2017.

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