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NHL Teases Rangers, Sabres 2018 Winter Classic Jerseys!

Teaser photos of the Buffalo Sabres 2018 Winter Classic jerseys were revealed today (see images below) and combined with the hats which were released online a couple of days ago we have a pretty good idea of how each team's jersey will look.

The Buffalo Sabres will use a logo similar to their primary one (except with a royal blue, minus silver and with "NY" added near the bottom of it) as their crest. Also according to the hat, they will use two yellow stripes with a blue outline for the sleeves and waist.

The teasers below give us even more details of how their collar, shoulder yokes numbers, gloves & paints will look. Their shoulder yokes will be blue with rounded ends and have their buffalo logo and Winter Classic logo on either side. The collar is very different from any other one we've seen from Adidas. Each side of the collar will join together with a seem down the middle. It will get cut off to be in-line with the shoulder yokes with the NHL logo underneath. The numbers will be solid blue (no strokes) in a wide font similar to New Jersey's.

We are pretty confident that the mock-up below is exactly how the Sabres jersey will look with the only thing in question is whether there will be one or two stripes around the waist.

As for the New York Rangers, they will once again have the word "RANGERS" diagonally stitched across the chest which means their new Winter Classic logo (seen below) will most likely be used as a shoulder patch, helmet sticker & the logo on their pants. According to the hat, they will also have 3 thick stripes (white, red, white) for the sleeves & waist of the jersey.

With this information, we created this mock-up of how we project their jersey to look.

Check back Wednesday for the official release of the 2018 Winter Classic uniforms!

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