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2018 NHL All-Star Jerseys Unveiled!

The NHL All-Star jerseys for each division have been officially unveiled. The primary colour of each of division's jersey are the four colours of the home team, Tampa Bay Lightning - blue, black, white, grey. In addition to those colours, fluorescent yellow and orange were also added in.

-The Atlantic Division (lead by Lighting Captain Steven Stamkos) will wear blue with fluorescent yellow, silver & black stripes.

-The Metro Division (lead by Alex Ovechkin) will wear grey with fluorescent yellow, silver & black stripes.

-The Central Division (lead by PK Subban) will wear black with fluorescent orange & silver stripes.

-The Pacific Division (lead by Connor McDavid) will wear white with fluorescent orange, silver and black stripes.

These jerseys have received some criticism (getting compared to traffic control vests) but I don't think they're that bad. The grey jersey is a little dull but the rest are bright and fun which is what an All-Star Game jersey should be. I like that they incorporated the four colours that make up the Tampa Bay Lightning and fluorescent accent colours give the jerseys some punch!

Once again, I'm disappointed about how much Adidas is concerned that the fans must know they make hockey jerseys. Their 3 stripes is great for their brand but it has nothing to do with hockey and are not necessary. And obviously their awful collars are back as well.

Lastly, a cool detail included in the design of the jersey numbers is a pattern inspired by the Sunshine Skyway Bridge that goes across Tampa Bay.


-When designing in the future, I hope Adidas sees the hockey jersey as a canvas for NHL inspired design instead of a billboard for their brand.

-It would be cool if he NHL designed logos for each division.


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