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Capitals 2018 Stadium Series Uniforms Unveiled!

The Washington Capitals have unveiled their brand new 2018 Stadium Series uniforms which may not be the best jersey ever designed but it does have a lot of inspiration behind it.

First, it is the first time in franchise history that the Washington Capitals will have a navy blue jersey. This makes perfect sense since the game will be played at "Navy"–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on the campus of the U.S. "Naval" Academy.

Second, the fat red stripes and white shoulders are supposed to be a nod to their original red jersey that they've worn as a throwback in recent years.

Next, two brand new logos will be used on these uniforms but both are very similar to prior ones. The primary logo is just an abbreviated version of their current one. The logo on the pants is one that's very similar to their 2015 Winter Classic logo - both include a nod to the Washington monument.

Also, both new logos include the 3 stars inspired by the Washington flag.

Finally, the numbers on the back have a faint pattern which was inspired by the original Washington city sketched plans.

REVIEW (7.5/10):

Although the large stripes and logos may be criticized and the jersey might not be super visually appealing, I love that there is rich inspiration behind each design choice and not just random stripes here and there just because it looks good. It was well thought out and it pays tribute to the team history along with the City of Washington DC. However, the large red stripe on the waist of the jersey is a little bit much. All it would need is a white stripe above it (as well as on the arms) just like the socks and this uniform set might have gotten close to a perfect score.


The Leafs did not unveil their jersey today but expect it to be white and to be unveiled very soon since it was reported (by that the Leafs Stadium Series jersey will be for sale by February 1st.

So stay tuned for the release of the new Maple Leafs Stadium Series jerseys.

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