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Maple Leafs 2018 NHL Stadium Series Uniforms Unveiled

The Toronto Maple Leafs will wear white, a lot of white, at the 2017-18 NHL Stadium Series game vs the Washington Capitals. The game will be played at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland which has brought a Navy theme to the game. The Capitals will wear navy blue, and the Leafs will honour the the Royal Canadian Navy with these uniforms. Their uniforms are purposely all white - including white helmets, gloves & pants - with blue trim to match the Canadian Naval Ensign which consists of an all white field with blue trim as well.

Also to honour the Royal Canadian Navy, they have put their motto, "Ready. Aye, Ready" on the inside of their collar.

Since that's where the Leafs usually have their own motto, "Honour. Pride. Courage" they have moved that to be repeated on each of the blue stripes on their arms.

The Leafs will have the two thick blue stripes on their arms continue across the chest underneath what is their usual primary logo accept with an added blue stroke. These two thick blue stripes will not continue across the back of the jersey beneath the jersey numbers. Instead, the back will just be completely white with blue names & numbers (in their usual font).

This is the first time in franchise history the Leafs will wear white pants as well as wear their white logo on thier white jersey and have their numbers on their shoulders. This is the Maple Leafs first white outdoor jersey.

They will wear these jerseys outdoors on March 3rd against the Washington Capitals.

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RATING (8/10):

I think these jerseys are very simple but effective. Maybe the uniforms would have looked better with blue pants but they purposely when for an all white look with blue trim to honour the Royal Canadian Navy and so I respect that. The two thick blue stripes are unique to the Toronto Maple Leafs brand and so I like that they focused on that for these jerseys. I wouldn't give this set a 9 or a 10 out of 10 simply since it's so simple (some nice alliteration!) and plain which definitely lowers the "wow factor." Overall this is a unique set with inspiration and thought behind it which is why I think they're deserving of an 8/10 rating.

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