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Florida Panthers Unveil New Anniversary Logo for 2018-19

The Florida Panthers unveiled their 25th Anniversary logo today and it was done very well. They managed to incorporate a lot of team & city history into this one little logo!

They actually will have two versions of the same logo - the red one for their home jersey and the white one for their away jersey.

A metallic-stitched version will be placed on the front-left of their jerseys.

Now for the intricate design elements...

  • A version of the fan-favourite sun/palm tree shoulder patch (mixed with the icon from their current jersey patch) will be brought back front and center on the logo.

  • They included the crossed stripes in the background to tie in the Florida state flag.

  • The roundel and lettering style is pulled from their previous third jersey logo.

  • Lastly, "Hockey Club" is pulled from one of their original logos!

Whenever a designer can include that much history into a logo, it's a home run! I give it 10/10!

And we'll end off with a chrome version of the logo also released...

Share your thoughts in the comments below and see all of the other 2018-19 anniversary logos here.

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