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Hurricanes Unveil New Third Jersey For 2018-19 NHL Season

The Carolina Hurricanes unveil their new black third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season. Within the new jersey is also a bunch of new secondary logos and wordmarks.

They unveiled their new logos all include the two warning flags signaling a hurricane. Their previous logo only had one flag which criticized since one flag only warns a storm. They certainly remembered that bit of information this time around. One neat thing hidden in the design of the crest is the shape North Carolina.

Their shoulder yokes are grey to represent stormy clouds. They include a ghosted version of both their primary logo and state flag. Ghosted in their collar are some more warning flags just like in the stripes of their home and away jerseys.

Their arm stripes have a weathered appearance apparently inspired by the Team North America Jersey. Their name/number style remains the same as their home & away jerseys.

RATING: 6/10

Although they corrected their logo, it looks too tall and skinny which doesn't seem to sit well on the jersey. I like the stormy grey shoulder yokes since it's different and has meaning to it, but the rest of their jersey is quite boring. Some consistency with the striping, some white accents and may a bit more grey in another part of the jersey would have helped the whole design come together a bit better. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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