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Anaheim Ducks Unveil New Retro Third Jersey For 2018-19

After years of begging from fans to bring back the Mighty Ducks logo & jersey, the Anaheim Ducks have finally delivered. They brought back a modern version of the primary jersey & logo the Ducks wore for from 1993-2006.

The alterations were made to incorporate both present team branding & a nod to their silver 25th anniversary season. As well as minor adjustments to modernize the jersey.

The alterations include:

  • Orange hockey sticks in logo, current Ducks primary logo on shoulder yokes, current team name/number fonts used

  • Silver background in logo, silver stripes on shoulder yokes

  • Black jersey instead of jade

  • Egg yoke shoulder yokes

  • Laced up collar

  • Slight adjustment to striping on waste and arms

Here are the two jersey beside each other.

Here are a bunch more photos showcasing the details of the jersey:

RATING: 8/10

I love that the Ducks brought back this classic jersey & logo as it deserves to be seen on the ice again! I like that it incorporates all of it's team uniform history in the one jersey but the end result probably could have been better. The jersey has a total of 7 colours: black, white, egg yoke, jade, silver, orange, & gold. That is a lot of colours which I wouldn't say mesh perfectly well together but remarkably all 7 of those colours have been apart of Anaheim Ducks uniform history so what can you do! To tone down the busyness of the jersey I would remove the shoulder yokes and by doing that it would put the current ducks logo on a black background which would look much more appealing to the eye. Having said that, I'm glad the Mighty Ducks jersey has returned and I can't wait to see it on the ice!

So when will we get to see it? They will throw it over their heads right away on their home opener along with 14 other time over the course of the season. Unfortunately it seems that after those 15 times it won't be used again as all indications are that this jersey will only be used for their 25th anniversary season in 2018-19.

So what did you think of the Ducks new third jersey? Let us know in the comments below!

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