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Bruins & Blackhawks 2019 Winter Classic Logos Revealed

The 2019 Winter Classic logos for the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins have been unveiled and we're headed back to the 1930's! We may get to see the two teams back in their original colours again - the black & white Blackhawks & the brown & gold Bruins!

Both logos were derived from their franchise's sweater's from the 1930's which gives a clue to how their 2019 Winter Classic jersey will look. However, the logos aren't an identical match to the originals. They were modified to matching their current branding.

The Chicago Blackhawks joined the two words, "Black Hawks" into one like they do currently (when they first entered the league they were known as the "Chicago Black Hawks" - with a space in the middle). They also replaced the native face symbol inside the circle to match their current one - recoloured in black & white.

The Bruins brought back their iconic "B" but just updated the font to the one from their current logo.

Should be fun to see these two uniforms back at it again outdoors - even if it is two of the same teams we keep seeing!

What do you think the jerseys will look like? Do you think they will match the two above or be new designs? Will the Bruins wear white at home even though it is the road colour now-a-days? Comment below.

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