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Jets Hint New Logo & Announce Third Jersey Reveal Date

The Winnipeg Jets have sent out this card & key chain to season ticket holders revealing two important details about their new third jersey: the date it will be revealed and the new logo that will be on the front of it! The card says that their new third jersey will be unveiled on September 14 at Bell MTS Place during their Fan Forum. The key chain shows a brand new Winnipeg Jets logo that has never been seen before.

Since this shows just an engraved version of the logo we thought that a full colour version would be even better. Here are some rough designs we did to give an idea of how it could look...

These are just predictions... the real thing could be a completely different colour scheme.

The design of the logo seems to be a tribute to the original Winnipeg Jets logos from the original franchise since just like those ones it sports the words "Jets" & "Winnipeg" front & center. For that reason, we thought they may decide to use the original Jets colour scheme and maybe stay away from their true blue.

This could mean that they may also look to the original Winnipeg Jets jerseys for inspiration too

They have already drawn from the Jets 198o's jerseys for their primary uniforms and they have already used the Jets 1973-76 white jersey for the 2016 Heritage Classic.

Their new logo is the most similar to the very first Winnipeg Jets logo ever from 1972-73 so I would predict that their third jersey will be inspired by that jersey. I also could see them choosing to make the third jersey white so that fans could wear it to their "Whiteout" playoff games - which is one more reason why it may look similar to that 1972-73 jersey.​

One thing that would go against this idea is that it would be very similar to their 2016 Heritage Classic jersey. Although the fans did love that jersey to pieces so maybe they wanted to bring it back but had to use a different logo.

Anyways, have a look at our prediction for the 2018-19 Winnipeg Jets third jersey...

Send us your jersey concepts to and we will post it on our Jersey Concepts Page. Need a template? You can order ours here.

Get all of the latest news on the new third jerseys at this blog post and you can find the latest on future uniform changes in general at our JerseyNews page.

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