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NEW: NY Islanders 2018-19 Third Jersey Has Leaked!

The New York Islanders new third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season has been leaked by @TwoTurtleDuffs on Twitter! Despite reports that it would be an orange jersey with blue shoulder yokes, this one is a blue jersey with white shoulder yokes.

It's a jersey that is very similar to the New York Islanders' Stadium Series threads that wore back in 2014. Similar logo, striping & shoulder yokes.

One thing that's definitely different is that Johnny T. won't be wearing it!

Also, this logo has gone through quite the evolution as it's been tweaked each time it finds it's way on a new jersey. Derived from their primary logo, it's since went from chrome to black & white to now this one. The four orange stripes that represent their four Stanley Cups is now acting as stick tape on the Y's blade instead of on that shaft. Also, they have straightened the blade of the "Y" instead of it being on a slant.

Here is the rest of the uniform that was leaked on Twitter by @TwoTurtleDuffs...

Everything else about this uniform is as you would expect; same orange & white stripes on the socks, "NY " logo on the pants, same striping on paints & gloves as their primary uniforms. However, there is one thing that pops out... it seems they have a new word mark for their helmets. It's their nickname, "Isles" in cursive lettering. When it's blown up, it's easier to make out...

And that's that! I think these jerseys are pretty good. I mean could it be better? Sure. But I kind of like the current state of their "NY" logo. It's clean & simple but still has some meaning. And the rest of their uniforms are just a modern version of their current homes. I give it 7.5/10.

Check back soon for when they actually unveil the new unis. Until then, checkout our updated blog on all the latest details on the new 2018-19 NHL third jerseys. We now know what 8 of them will look like but their could be as many as 10 more to come.

Let us know what you think of the Isles new third jersey in the comments below!

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