San Jose Sharks Unveil NEW Stealth Third Jersey for 2018-19

The San Jose Sharks have officially unveiled their brand new third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season. It's been deemed as the "Stealth Jersey" as it is all black with some teal striping but hardly any white.


  • Very dark jersey with minimal white to represent a sudden unexpected shark attack in the dark depths of the sea.

  • Same logo as their primary jerseys except most of the orange & white parts have been recoloured to black & teal.

  • The "Fin" logo reappears for the first time since 2007 as the shoulder patch. This time it is also recoloured as mostly black & teal to match the theme.

  • Just like their primary jerseys, the inside of the collar reads "THIS IS SHARKS TERRITORY."

  • The coolest part of the jersey is the tech pattern in between the two teal stripes. This is to represent the constant modern & innovative tech emerging from Silicon Valley. Even cooler is that hidden in this pattern is the letters "SJ" (see below)!


I give this third jersey a disappointing 5/10! I like the dark "stealth" theme of the jersey & the cool tech pattern on the sleeves but I'm left longing for more!! Much like the Sharks' primary jerseys, these are super plain & boring which I guess means it's modern? Just two teal stripes on the sleeves - which has never been a stripe pattern the San Jose Sharks have used (reminds me of the Leafs actually) - and that's it! Nothing else. I like the recoloured "fin" logo that they brought back but there could be so much better ideas for the striping of the jersey. But I guess it's all about the modern, minimalist design from their tech savvy city...

Let us know what you think in the comments below...



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