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BIG NEWS: The Hartford Whalers Jerseys Are Coming Back In 2018-19!

THE HURRICANES ARE RELOCATING BACK TO HARTF...... Wait... no, that's not right...

They are still in Carolina but one of the best logos in NHL history will be making a return this season! Out of nowhere the Carolina Hurricanes surprised us with this brand new Hartford Whalers throwback uniform and an announcement that they will wear it two times this season!

The first game will be right before Christmas on December 23rd and the second game will be on March 5th. They will play the Boston Bruins both times they wear the jersey. That means the second time will be played in Boston so the Hartford fans can come watch.

The uniform is basically the exact same as the original. The only difference is the Adidas collar, where the Carolina Hurricanes have added their warning flag pattern to provide a tiny connection to the current state of the franchise.

This came as a surprise today but this is what many were hoping for leading up to their third jersey unveil. Turns out the Canes still came through - and I'd say it's better as a throwback that they only wear a couple of times considering the fact that the Hartford Whalers are not currently part of the Carolina Hurricanes identity.

Top marks to the new Hurricanes owner who made this happen so quickly! This deserves a 10/10 (obviously)!


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