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NEW: Three NHL Teams Will Get New Primary Jerseys for 2019-20

We are only half-way through the 2018-19 NHL season and we already have news on the new jerseys coming in 2019-20. According to Icethetics - who was able to get an early look at the new Adidas Catalog - this 2019 Adidas catalog previews which teams will be getting new jerseys next season.

Chicago Blackhawks

First up, the Chicago Blackhawks. Yup, you read that right! The team with arguably the best jerseys in the NHL may be changing them next season. Their home and road jerseys will undoubtably be different, but the question is, how different? It may simply just be a new collar design (similar to what the Montreal Canadiens did in 2015-16) or it could be a complete rebrand for all we know (ok, maybe that's a stretch). I would say that there is arguments for both them doing big or small changes.

The Adidas collars are certainly not popular amongst fans and the Blackhawks' collar style may be the worst out of them all. Too much white on the reds and too much red on the whites. The thing is that no matter what adjustments are made, it still won't be as good as the original collar (prior to the Adidas rebrand) simply because the Adidas collars just don't go with their traditional jerseys. If they could change the collar design so that there are two of those thin stripes - one being black, the other white - then it could work. As it stands now, I would change the home collar to all red except for a white thin stripe. And for the aways, I'd make the collar all white except for a thin black stripe. Maybe add some laces too!

On the flip side, the Kane and Toews dynasty era seems to be coming to an end and sometimes ownership will symbolize a new era coming with new uniforms. Having said that, I very much hope they don't do that (like seriously, please don't)!!

Vancouver Canucks

Next, the Vancouver Canucks will be bringing forth new home and away jerseys to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I suspect this will be a complete rebrand considering it's their 50th anniversary and a new era is coming, lead by a crop of talented young players in Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat etc. I see it being similar to how the Maple Leafs unveiled their new uniforms in their 100th season. Also like the Leafs, I expect the franchise's history being interwoven within the design.

The most criticism for their current jerseys are regarding their logo, so I definitely expect a brand new logo as well!

Up to this point, Vancouver seems to have not done that well with their branding. They basically have three totally different pallets in their history: the red, yellow & black skate/V uniforms, the blue and green orca/stick-in-the-rink uniforms, and their double-blue, red, & grey orca jerseys. That's 7 different colours and four completely different primary logos! I certainly wouldn't want to see all 7 colours on their new jerseys but it would be cool if they could somehow tie the three brands together.

What do you think their new jerseys should look like?

Carolina Hurricanes

Lastly, the Carolina Hurricanes will be getting a brand new away jersey but their home jersey will remain the same. The Hurricanes owner has made it clear that he does not like their current away jerseys; he says they are too "boring." I personally don't have a problem with them. In fact, I was happy to see them adjust their home jersey to match their aways better back when the Adidas jerseys were unveiled in 2017. The ironic thing now is that they are going to have to match their away jersey to their new home jersey that was designed to match their current away jersey (you still with me?).

Anyways, don't expect anything to drastic. It should be similar to their current home set. What do you think their new away jersey should look like?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. What do you hope will happen? Are their teams that you wish would update their look that won't be (Please Ottawa, do something!)?

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