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NEW: 12 More NHL Teams Will Get New Third Jerseys for 2019-20

There is still one more 2018-19 third jersey yet to be revealed (Tampa Bay Lightning) and yet we already have news on the new third jerseys coming in 2019-20. To our great fortune, Icethetics was able to get an early look at the new 2019 Adidas Catalog which previews which teams will be getting new third jerseys next season.

Third jerseys came back in 2018-19 with 18 teams adding a third to their set. Next season, there will be 12 more new third jerseys unveiled, 9 of which will be from teams currently without a third jersey. The Anaheim Ducks and Ottawa Senators (possibly Edmonton as well) will replace their current third with a new one. Furthermore, three teams will get third jerseys for the first time in their franchise's history (Detroit Red Wings & Vegas Golden Knights).

In 2018-19 it was a bit disappointing since many teams just brought back the same third jersey they used in 2016-17, prior to the Adidas takeover. However, since these teams did not reveal third jerseys this season, I don't see that happening again. I expect a lot more new designs (along with more throwbacks) this time around.

As it stands now, it looks like 27 of the 31 teams will have a third jersey next season which would be the most ever in NHL history. The only teams that for sure will not have one are the Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. Three of the four are not surprising considering they are Original Six teams. Although I would have expected the Dallas Stars to have introduced a third jersey by now. They have not had one since their rebrand in 2013 but I think they could have a really cool third if they wanted to. They could do either a throwback from the Modano era or a black version of their current set. However, we will get to see a new jersey for the Winter Classic that they will host on January 1st, 2020.

Anyways, you can read the following to see which teams will be getting them and some possibilities for what it could look like...

Anaheim Ducks

Their orange Mighty Ducks jersey was a fan-favourite so it's likely that jersey could be reintroduced in the Adidas template. Other possibilities would be a Mighty Ducks throwback or an entirely new design.

Boston Bruins

Some rumours had leaked about the Bruins bringing back their black jersey from the 1970's. Their 2019 Winter Classic jersey was also very popular amongst fans so they could also bring that one back.

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres fans have been asking for them to bring back their royal blue uniforms for a long time... will they finally listen? Their 2018 Winter Classic jersey could make an option as well.

Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings will debut a third jersey for the first time in their franchise's long history. It could really be anything! From a throwback to a completely new design. If I were to guess, I'd say they will introduce a new design since they have basically looked the same throughout most of their history. What would you like them to do?

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers will likely just promote their royal blue "retro" jersey to full-time third jersey status. Either that or they could introduce a navy blue version of their current set.

Florida Panthers

For the first time since their rebrand, the Florida Panthers will have a third jersey in 2019-20. They could do many things with their new third. Maybe a navy blue or gold version of their current set? Maybe a throwback jersey? Or my hope is that they go with a jersey similar to the one below except with their current simplified panther logo (seen below to the right).

Minnesota Wild

There are many options that the Minnesota Wild could go with for their third jersey. Maybe they will bring back a red jersey. Or maybe they will go with a throwback from their past. They could also bring back their 2016-17 third jersey as well. It could be anything at this point!

Nashville Predators

I definitely see the Predators going with a navy blue third jersey. They have many navy blue jerseys that they could bring back or they could introduce a new design to match their current set. I'd say the latter is a stronger possibility.

New York Rangers

The Rangers could go in a few directions with their third jersey. They could bring back a jersey from the past (Lady Liberty, navy blue third or one of their Winter Classic jerseys). Maybe they will unveil a red jersey for the first time? My gut tells me that they will introduce a completely new design. In the past, they tend to go with a much darker blue for their alternate/outdoor game jerseys - maybe they'll do that again? Personally, I would like to see them have a jersey where their primary logo is actually used as the crest. We'll have to wait and see!

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators currently use their 2017 NHL100 Classic jersey as their third but that will change next season. Once again they could go with a jersey from the past or new design. We will have to wait and see.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks will also be getting new home and road uniforms next season so maybe their third will match them. We know that they will wear their "Flying Skate" jersey a few times next year in addition to their third as it was voted in by the fans. If they go with an entirely new design for their home and road jerseys then I could see them bringing back the "stick-in-a-rink" jersey as their full-time third (also since that wasn't an option for the fan-vote they held). Since their primary jerseys are still up in the air, their third could really be anything!

Vegas Golden Knights

Lastly, the newest team in the NHL will already have a third jersey in their third season. Vegas owner Bill Foley said that he would like to add a jersey that really "stands out" since he says that their current steel grey home jersey doesn't. By that information and considering they are called the Golden Knights, I suspect that they will have a gold third jersey next season.

Other Jerseys For 2019-20

There will also be throwback jerseys again next season as well which aren't included in the "Third Jersey" category. We know the Canucks will use their "Flying Skate" throwback. The Jets will use their vintage Jets white throwback again. The Maple Leafs will wear their St. Pats jersey on St. Patrick's Day again next year. The Hurricanes may bring back their Whalers jersey again. And I'm sure there will be others too! In addition, there will be three outdoor games so the teams taking part will need new jerseys for those games as well. Those teams include the Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche (the last two teams haven't been unveiled yet).

Finally, three teams will be getting new primary jerseys for 2019-20. You can read that blog here.

And that's that! Let us know in the comments below which jerseys you would like to see! D0 you generally prefer throwbacks or new designs? Let us know!

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