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LEAKED: Vancouver Canucks New 2019-20 NHL Uniforms Leak Online

We knew the Vancouver Canucks were getting updated uniforms for the 2019-20 NHL Season and Tuesday they were leaked online. This promotional photograph of Elias Pettersson in the Canucks new home uniform was posted to Reddit.

There were only minor adjustments made to the jersey though it does improve the overall look. First, a brand new shoulder patch will be used for the first time in their history. It is a reverse of their current "stick-in-the-rink" shoulder patch with white as the base colour.

The only other adjustment was made to the primary logo where they removed the word "VANCOUVER" arched over top of the "Orca" mark.

Those were the only adjustments made, the rest of the uniform colours, striping & name/number styles remain the same. This represents the first primary uniform change since the introduction of the Adidas rebrand. And expect more to come as the Blackhawks & Hurricanes are slated to also have new primary uniforms for next season.

Here are the new Canucks informs in our Puck Marks Jersey Template (get our template here).

Visit our JerseyNews page to get regular updates on NHL uniform changes and new logos.

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