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NEW: Vancouver Canucks Unveil Four New Jerseys For 2019-20

The Vancouver Canucks unveiled a whole new slate of jerseys for next season to celebrate their 50th anniversary! Their new home and away jerseys are very similar to their previous ones except for two changes: "VANCOUVER" was removed from across the chest and a new white version of their stick-in-rink logo replaced their blue version as the shoulder patch.

They also added two new/throwback jerseys to their set... The first is their retro "Flying Skate" jersey that was voted back by the fans.

The next one is called their "Heritage Jersey" which is a modern take of their original 1970-71 blue uniforms.

They updated their "Stick-in-the-Rink" logo and removed the "V" from the arm stripes as well as the thin white stripe from the arms and waist. They also changed the old name/number styles to their current fonts. The collar had to be changed to the Adidas style and they added the phrase, "We Are All Canucks" to the inside of it. One other neat thing they did was make the perforations in the numbers appear like rain falling from the sky to represent Vancouver's common rainy weather conditions that last throughout the year.

Here are all 4 Canucks new jerseys in our Puck Marks template. You can get the template now for your personal use by clicking here.

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