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NEW: Oilers, Bruins 2019-20 Third Jerseys Have Leaked

We are getting deeper into the summer and closer to the start of next season which means... it's Third Jersey season! As many as 12 NHL teams could be unveiling new thirds for next year and two of them have recently been leaked online! The Boston Bruins will be getting a new black throwback-style jersey and the Edmonton Oilers will go whiteless with orange on navy blue.

First, here are some up-close shots of the new Oilers sweater provided by Icethetics...

Overall, they are unique and standout. Despite there being no white at all, the two colours work well together. Not too sure about the arm stripes, they seem kind of random. They are very thin and awkward. But other than that they look pretty good. Pretty much any jersey with the name "McDAVID" and 97 on it will be pleasing to the eyes! Here is the jersey in our Puck Marks template. Get this template here and make your own jersey designs & concepts.

Next, is the Boston Bruins third jersey (also reported by Icethetics). They will bring back their "B" logo that they used in the 2019 Winter Classic which was inspired by their original jerseys. They also will use the Winter Classic collar instead of the standard one. This is the first time it will be used for a non-Winter Classic jersey. It's a new design never used before yet it looks very much like a throwback with the simple thick striping and simplified logo.

I really like throwback jerseys which is why I really like this jersey. Definitely put it a notch (or two) above the Oilers third jersey. I just like the simple, bold (with a "B") design. I think sometimes we try too hard to do new and different and we end up with something forgettable. I hope this one sticks around for a while!

Here is the Bruins jersey in our Puck Marks template. The name & number design is still to be determined but we gave our best guess below...

Stay tuned for the official unveilings for the jerseys. It should come in the very near future! Let us know what you think in the comments below...


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