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NEW: Hurricanes & Sabres Announce New Primary Jerseys Are Coming!

It's been a busy last few days for JerseyNews! After the Buffalo Sabres unveiled their 50th Anniversary Jersey they also announced they will be returning to royal blue in 2020-21 which means entirely new home and road sweaters!

At the same time, the Carolina Hurricanes announced that they will be unveiling their new road sweaters this Tuesday!

The Sabres announcement comes at the joy of many of their fans who have been pleading for the return to royal blue for years! All signs point to them losing all navy & silver and going back to their original royal blue jerseys from the 1970's (maybe a slightly modernized version). Or maybe they work in their beloved 2018 Winter Classic design into things.

This was a photo they posted teasing the coming change...

See our predictions for their new home & aways in our Puck Marks Template below. You can get this template here and make your own jersey designs and concepts.

As for the Hurricanes, it looks like they will be going with a white base (it is a road jersey!), white shoulder yokes, their new warning flag logo as a shoulder patch (or maybe an arm patch?), fat red striping with a black stroke outline, red pants & gloves and they definitely will be sticking with their current logo as the crest. The only mystery to me is the striping on the arms. Their Owner criticized their current jerseys for being "too boring" but unless something crazy is going to be happening on the arms I don't see this road jersey being any more "exciting" or "flashy." We will have to see on Tuesday. Here are some screen shots from the teaser video they posted...

With the photos from above, we pieced together what we think the jersey could look like in our template below. When seeing this concept you start to think their double-flag logo looks very awkward as shoulder patch and maybe it will actually end up being an arm patch (like the Florida Panthers have). This concept also reminds me a lot of the old Team Canada white sweaters.

Let us know what you think about these two announcements in the comments below. What do you hope these new primary jerseys will look like...

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