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OFFICIAL: The Buffalo Sabres 50th Anniversary Jerseys Are Unveiled!

The new Buffalo Sabres 50th Anniversary jerseys were leaked a few weeks ago but the official unveiling has come and the up close high-res photographs show just how beautiful these jerseys really are!

The metallic 50th anniversary gold and the detailed stitching of the crest make this one of the best anniversary jerseys yet! On top of that, the design contains a lot of Sabres history: 5 stripes for 5 decades, 2018 Winter Classic name font and buffalo crest design, and a tribute to the four main Sabres logos used in their history inside the collar. Also, the stripe design presents a nice blend between the various striping used in their history with their usual fat & thin look and the 4 thin striping they also have used in the past. The white gloves are a nice touch as well! See all the details up close below...

These jerseys definitely deserve a lot of credit for the detail and historical significance. Have a look at the design in our Puck Marks Template. You can get this template here and make your own jersey designs & concepts!

Then, to top it off, the Buffalo Sabres made an announcement that I think fans were even more happy about... they will be finally going back to royal blue in 2020-21 which means brand new home & road sets are on their way in Buffalo!

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