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NEW: Get First Preview of Dallas, Nashville Winter Classic Jerseys

This past week, the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars unveiled their brand new logos for the 2020 NHL Winter Classic. Both logos were inspired by the history of hockey in their state but were new designs to match current team branding. With both logos unveiled, it has become very obvious which directions both teams will be headed with their new jerseys.

First up, the Nashville Predators will be looking back to their hockey roots in Nashville with the Dixie Flyers. They have unveiled a word mark logo to match the old Dixie Flyers one, as well as a brand new logo designed to look retro that will be used as a shoulder patch.

With a word mark logo so obviously reminiscent of the Dixie Flyers one, we can be sure the Preds Winter Classic jerseys will also match up as well. Here is how we expect their new jerseys to look as seen in our Puck Marks Jersey Template below:

As for the Dallas Stars, they unveiled a jersey that also is inspired by the history of hockey in their state with a direct connection to the Dallas Texans. Keeping the big "D" shape, they just changes the word "Texans" with "Dallas" and added in a star while they were at it.

It is still not for sure if the Dallas Stars will go with a green or white (or off-white) jersey but so far they have been mostly marketing their logo as white on green and considering they are the home team, we're expecting them to go all green for the Winter Classic. This would present a dark-on-dark jersey match-up that we're starting to see more of in recent years. With all this information, here is our best prediction for their new threads for New Years Day...

Let us know what you think in the comments. As for the official reveal, that will come in November so stay tuned... and maybe there will be some early leaks which seems to happen more and more!

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