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Dallas Stars Go Neon with New Black Third Jersey

The Dallas Stars return to black but this time go neon green for the first time in their history.

Inspired by the Dallas skyline when lit up at night, this new Stars jersey certainly catches the eye. Here is a closer look at their new jersey.

The Hidden Markings

There are lots of details hidden within the design, starting with the collar. 1. A lone star on the right side to symbolize the "Lone Star" state. 2. The "Come and Take It" flag with a cannon and star sitting inside the collar represents the first land battle of the Texas Revolution. 3. The unique pin-stripe design on the colour symbolizes Dallas' cable-stayed bridges lit-up in "skyline green."

Next, the unique number font is meant to look like the silhouettes of the Dallas city buildings at night with the glowing green lights shining around it. Along with a perforated pattern within the black number appearing like the green lights shining through the building windows. This unique perforated pattern also gives the numbers a 3D appearance that the logo uses as well. Dallas uses their secondary state-shaped logo as the crest in a simplified black and neon colour scheme.

Lastly, the jersey uses the same striping design as their green home jersey with the white stripes switched to neon, with the rest of the jersey all blacked out - hence the name, "blackout jersey".

Puck Marks Rating: 8/10

With jersey and logo designs, we are introducing a new 5-category system for our ratings. We believe the best hockey designs are 1. Unique and creative, 2. Detailed with team and city history, 3. Attractive up close and from afar, 4. Consistent to the team brand, and 5. Fresh and traditional.

  1. Unique: 2/2. This jersey is certainly unique with many elements we have never seen before such as the pin-striped collar, the perforated design in the logo and numbers, and the neon green blackout colour scheme that we only seen once before in a past All-Star Game.

  2. Detailed: 1/2. There are many details that represents their city and state such as the state-shaped logo, their hanger effect, and the Dallas skyline theme. However, there is no nod to team history with anything coming before their Victory Green rebrand seemingly forgotten.

  3. Attractive: 2/2. The bright neon green certainly catches the eye and the new simplified green and black secondary logo may be their best logo in their current portfolio. The simplistic neon and black striping looks good from afar, and their hidden details make it great close-up as well.

  4. Consistent: 1/2. The design uses the same striping as their home jersey but introduces a completely new colour scheme that does not contribute to their primary brand.

  5. Fresh AND Traditional: 2/2. Sometimes designers can strive for uniqueness above all else and it ultimately sacrifices the other elements of a great hockey jersey, turning the traditional beloved hockey sweater into a futuristic sci-fi costume (ie. Tampa Bay's black third). Or, they can be so in love with the past that they just play it safe by bring back an old sweater with no creativity for something fresh (ie. Ottawa and Calgary this off-season). But this jersey finds the balance. The unique colour scheme and fine details compliment the traditional styled striping, logo design and number font which is why this jersey is very successful.

Well, there you have it, Dallas surprises us with a terrific new neon blackout jersey! But stay-tuned because there are many more jerseys yet to be revealed before the start of the season (whenever that will be) with the new Reverse-Retro sweaters on the way!



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