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RECAP: All the New 2019-20 NHL Jerseys & Logos

With 2019 coming to an end and most of the new 2019-20 NHL jerseys unveiled, we will go through and recap the many jersey/logo changes that have happened so far and what's still to come! There have been 6 new outdoor game jerseys, 9 new alternate jerseys and 5 new primary jerseys unveiled for this season. So let's begin with the events!

2019 NHL Heritage Classic - Calgary Flames vs Winnipeg Jets

Here are the 2019 Heritage Classic jerseys that bring back beloved throwbacks from each team's history.

Here are each team's jersey made with our Puck Marks Jersey Template. Click here to get our template and make your very own jersey designs!

2020 NHL Winter Classic - Nashville Predators vs Dallas Stars

Here are the brand new 2020 Winter Classic jerseys featuring the new Winter Classic logo, a new Stars logo, and two new Predators logos. Both jersey designs were inspired by historic professional hockey teams in their respective cities: the Dallas Texans and the Dixie Flyers.

Here are each team's jersey made with our Puck Marks Jersey Template.

2020 NHL All-Star Game - St. Louis

The 2020 NHL All-Star Game will be in St. Louis this season. The event logo has already been unveiled and it features many musical graphics hidden in the design (piano key L's, treble clef S and trumpets). The jerseys for the game are still to come and it is unclear if we should get two jerseys for each conference or four divisional jerseys. We should expect them to be unveiled in early January.

2020 NHL Stadium Series - Los Angeles Kings vs Colorado Avalanche

Last month both the Avalanche and Kings 2020 Stadium Series jerseys were leaked online and they were definitely unique. Instead of traditional crests on the chests of the jerseys, they have logo type designs more abstractly intertwined within the overall jersey design. It certainly is interesting and different but the question is does it look good. Well, I'll let you decide! The event logo has already been unveiled and it showcases the heavy ties the game has to the Air Force Academy. You can read our full blog on them here.

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New NHL Primary Jerseys The Carolina Hurricanes added new away jerseys in the off-season that sport a their nickname "CANES" diagonally on the crest which is unique for a primary jersey. They are the only team in the NHL with a different primary logo on their home, road and alternate jerseys. You can read our full blog on them here.

The Chicago Blackhawks simply and thankfully just updated their collar design... And it definitely does look better now!

The Vancouver Canucks updated their home and road jerseys for this season. They removed "VANCOUVER" from their crest and inverted their shoulder patches to a white base for a brand new version of the "hockey stick" logo. They also unveiled a logo for their 50th anniversary season that is worn on the upper-left chest of their jerseys. You can read our full blog on them here.

New NHL Third Jerseys For 2019-20 The Anaheim Ducks brought back their orange Mighty Ducks jerseys from the 2016-17 season. This time they added their "ANAHEIM" word mark to the inside of the collar.

The Boston Bruins took their "B" logo from their 2019 Winter Classic jersey and created a black and gold one as a third for this season. It's a new design but has a throwback feel to it with the simple traditional striping, the Winter Classic collar, and the vintage logo.

The Buffalo Sabres are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2019-20 with two anniversary logos and an antique gold, navy blue and white third jersey. You can read our full blog on them here.

The Chicago Blackhawks brought back their 2019 Winter Classic jersey as their full-time third for this season.

The Edmonton Oilers introduced a brand new orange and navy blue third jersey for 2019-20. They uniquely have no white in the uniform design but the orange on blue contrast still holds up!

EXPECTED: The Florida Panthers are reported to still unveil a new third jersey for 2019-20. Rumors suggest it could be a navy blue jersey featuring the modern take of their original leaping cat logo.

The Los Angeles Kings have brought back their "Gretzky era" jersey as their third in 2019-20.

EXPECTED: The Minnesota Wild are also reported to still unveil a new third jersey for 2019-20 and it is believed they will go back to a red jersey.

EXPECTED: The Nashville Predators are also reported to unveil a new navy blue third jersey for 2019-20.

Speaking of the "Gretzky era", the St. Louis Blues also brought back the classic jersey that Wayne Gretzky sported during his time there. You know what they should do is a Gretzky Night between the Blues and Kings where they honour the Great One while wearing their third jerseys that night. All the players could even wear the Gretzky 99 on their jerseys during warm-up. Hey, why not?

The Vancouver Canucks unveiled two alternate jerseys for their 50th anniversary season. A blue third jersey with a brand new design and their black, yellow and red throwback. They also both feature their new 50th anniversary logo which changes colours to match the uniform design. You can read our full blog on them here.

EXPECTED: The Vegas Golden Knights owner has stated that they will be getting a brand new third jersey in 2019-20 that will stand out much better than their current home jersey. With that information, and given their name is the Golden Knights, we should expect a new gold third jersey to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Finally, the new Seattle NHL team are slated to unveil their new name and possibly their new logo and colours as well by February 2020. So far, they have heavily used red and black in their marketing, though Seattle's fan surveys have mostly talked about blue and green colours. We are certainly excited for the big reveal!

And that's it! It was certainly another busy season for new NHL logos and jerseys. Since the Adidas takeover in 2017, we've had a full new slate of primary jerseys in 2017-18, and 30 new third jerseys over the passed two seasons. Stay tuned for more updates! Here are all the new jerseys side by side in our template. You can download this template here so you can make your very own jersey designs.

Here are all the new logos unveiled. You can see every NHL logo on our website here.


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