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New Primary Jerseys for the Flames, Senators & Sabres in 2020-21

Here is our blog on the new primary jerseys coming in the 2020-21 NHL season. The Buffalo Sabres already unveiled their new uniforms in August, while the Ottawa Senators new jerseys were leaked back in early September. Not to mention, the Seattle Kraken's big reveal but that's not until 2021-22. We thought that would be it for new NHL primaries but now reports say that the Calgary Flames have some plans of their own!

Buffalo Sabres

First up, we will revisit the Sabres reveal of their new royal blue threads that fans have been longing for for so long.

A similar overall design as their navy blue set except for thicker striping, no silver and obviously royal blue. Also, a big improvement for the collar design. A simple all blue collar with no laces instead of the busy silver "fish bone" collars they had before.

Other new details include gold striping on the pants and their 2018 Winter Classic logo (buffalo with "SABRES" wordmark) as a helmet decal. Also, a new graphic sits on the inside of their collar that is from their city flag. But the biggest improvement is their new simplified logo!

Below are the old and new logos side-by-side. It has the simple design of their original logo, with the new detailed lines of their 2018 Winter Classic logo, and the unique fur texture on the crest of their 50th anniversary jersey. It's the perfecting of a classic logo that we didn't get with the new lazy Ottawa Senators rebrand - we'll get to that next.

Ottawa Senators

From everything the fans wanted and more, to what the fans wanted and nothing more. The Ottawa Senators has been rumoured about getting a rebrand for years and they were in desperate need of one with possibly the worst uniforms in the league since 2007! In 2020-21, fans will be finally getting the new unis they've wanted but in nothing more than a resurrection of the past.

Not only have they not shown much care in the new design, but they haven't put much thought in their reveal either. First, their logo was leaked, then their jersey was leaked, and when they finally unveiled their new logo it was just a quick, boring press release. But I think we have all learned to expect nothing more than a cheap effort from the Senators owner, Eugene Melnyk. We will see if they up their game at all when their new jerseys are officially unveiled on Monday.

But enough talking (or ranting), and lets get to the new look! First, they will be going back to their prior logo with some very minute changes... can you spot them below (left: old logo, right: new logo)?

The only differences are the red cape is now gold, and some outlines are slightly bolder and rounded around the red mane. Despite, knowing it could be better (like their unused, circular version they have), it is still far superior than the 2019-20 3D logo in my opinion.

As far as the jerseys go, they will be switching back to their white jersey design that they used from 1992-2007 for their aways. And for their new homes, they will be switching back to their black jersey that they wore for 2 seasons from 1993-1995. Here is the quote from the report describing the new jerseys and a leaked image of their home jersey (sold for women):

The home jersey mockup is black with two red bands on the arms, encasing the numbers, and a single red stripe around the bottom. The away jersey is white with red bands on the arms and black forearms. It has a red stripe atop a black stripe running around its bottom edge.

- Hailey Salvian, The Athletic (July 13, 2020)

Here is the mockups we made according to the leaked image and description in our Adi-Pro Jersey Template (download this jersey template here).

Calgary Flames

Lastly, the Flames have a jersey unveiling scheduled for Monday, October 5th and recent reports have said the Flames will be promoting their throwback jerseys to full-time primary status! Both jerseys were used last season, the red one as an alternate and the white one as their Heritage Classic sweater. They are both beloved by fans so they should welcome the change. But the question will be, will their current primaries be scrapped with no alternates for next season? We won't have to wait long to find out... stay tuned tomorrow for their announcement.

Should be an exciting couple days for jersey unveilings leading up to the draft!



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