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Vegas Unlocks New Golden Third Jersey!

It's finally arrived! We have heard about the new Golden third jersey that Vegas was working on for about 2 years. We thought it was going to make its debut in 2019-20 but they needed more time to get it just right! So here it is! A glistening golden one of a kind sweater straight from the strip of Las Vegas.

The jerseys use the exact same striping style as their home and aways but with gold as the primary colour. The big difference between this one and the primaries is the only black found on the uniform is in their logo. Thus, it pushes against the wishes for a black and gold design and emphasizes gold, steel grey and red as their distinct colours that separates them from the Penguins and Bruins.

There are a number of aspects about the Vegas brand that this jersey pushes forward that makes them super unique! First and foremost, this is the very first jersey in NHL history with a sparkling gold fabric. Second, they are the only team with a grey home jersey, and now this uniform makes them the only team with grey pants to go with their grey helmets. Furthermore, beveled pattern on the white arm stripes are also a cool detail unique to the Vegas jerseys.

The last thing is their white gloves. Many people have said that they would prefer grey gloves with this uniform but I actually disagree. Their white gloves that they unveiled with their away set in 2017 was the first of its kind so I applaud them for sticking with them for the third jersey. It is one more thing that makes their brand so unique and accomplishes the tough feat of separating themselves from any other uniform, across all sports, past or present. After all, their away uniforms have always been loved more than their homes, so this third jersey is basically the gold version of them.

All in all, Vegas did a great job with their 3rd ever jersey in their team history. When I first seen them I had mixed feelings as I was hoping for less grey and more black and gold. But if this jersey says anything, it's that Vegas is the grey and gold team, not black and gold. Besides, we've seen the black and gold across all of sports far too often. This design is fresh and exciting! It is its variety of unique qualities, while still being pleasing to the eyes, that make this jersey a special sight. Thus deserving a 10/10 score from us! Here are some more pics with Alex Tuch and Jonathan Marchessault in the full uniform and you can see even more pics at!

This is the first of many alternate jerseys to come this odd fall off-season! Expect a few more unveilings this Monday and Tuesday before the NHL Draft. We know we will be getting new uniforms from Ottawa and Calgary for sure so stay tuned Monday!



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