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What changed based on these teaser photos?

BRUINS - Removed a black outline from player names.

FLAMES - Removed italics from players names.

AVALANCHE - Looks like a completely new design that is reminiscent of the past! Will have a grey outline around shoulder trim & grey collar.

BLUE JACKETS - Changed player names font to the one from their third jersey. Collar switches from red & white to red & blue.

OILERS - Will be switching to orange home jerseys that will be similar to their 2016-17 third jerseys. The differences are it will switch from royal to navy blue and the primary colour of their numbers will go from from blue to white. Also, their collar will switch from blue & orange to just blue.

WILD - There NEW green home jersey will have green shoulder yokes & collar (along with beige stripe across chest underneath logo).

PREDATORS - Removed pin stripes.

DEVILS - A bolder black stripe around names. Collar switches from black & white to black & red.

FLYERS - They go with different jersey design template than rest of teams.

SHARKS - Will switch to black collar.

GOLDEN KNIGHTS - NEW home jersey will be steel grey on the front & black on the back (sort of like a knight's cape?)!

ADIDAS - The Adidas logo takes the place of Reebok below the collar! The shoulder yokes, underarms & numbers will be perforated. Chrome stitching for the NHL logo which will be placed on the pentagon from the world cup styled collar.

Well, that's what we know so far! Stay tuned for more Adidas teasers...

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