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Adidas releases final round of Adidas teasers in another glitching video that didn't reveal too much. However, we looked closely at each from each video to notice a couple things we didn't know. First, Vegas will have steel grey shoulders which means that one of the earlier teaser photos had to have been grey-scaled to fool us all to think it was black. Next, Minnesota will have the "M" from their third jersey logo/word mark be their should patch on their new home jersey. Also, it appears that Boston will be switching to squared shoulder yokes (similar to Carolina or Minnesota's 2016-17 aways) Lastly, Colorado will continue to have the "C" shoulder patch on their newly designed home & aways jerseys! What about Vancouver? That picture is just there to represent how everything else from the other videos didn't reveal any thing new :P. The good news is that we don't have to wait long to see the full reveal! The reveal is tomorrow night in Las Vegas! For every NHL team's teaser videos >>>

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