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UPDATE: Exclusive Details On The New NHL Third Jerseys for 2018-19

Last Update: 11.17.2018 (Scroll down)

You thought all of the jersey unveilings were done last summer? Not a chance!

After discontinuing the NHL third jerseys in 2017-18 to lessen the load for Adidas, they will be coming back for this season!


NHL's Bill Daly confirmed this at a news conference on Monday, June 18.

"We are bringing back third jerseys next season. I can’t tell you the number exactly, but about a third of the teams will have a different one.”


There have been reports (will get into the details below) that roughly two thirds of the teams will get third jerseys for this season and according to Bill Daley, about of a third of the teams will have a different one from one they had before.

So what were the third jerseys from 2016-17 that got completely abandoned last season? See them all below. Which ones would you like to see make a comeback? The jerseys that we know will return for this season are the Flames, Avalanche, Blue Jackets & Blues (and the Capitals jersey is expected to return as well although it hasn't been unveiled yet).

So now for the report... There was a list that leaked of 19 NHL teams that will be getting third jerseys for next season. The 19 teams are shown below. Most of these teams have since now unveiled their new third jerseys (making this report seem legit) which you can see below. However one team, the Vancouver Canucks, have confirmed that they will not have a third jersey next season which possibly causes doubt for some of the other teams on this list...we will have to wait and see!

Third Jerseys Revealed To Date:

  • The New York Islanders have officially unveiled their brand new third jersey! It is inspired by their 2014 Stadium Series jersey.

  • The New Jersey Devils will finally have a third jersey in 2018-19. It will be a throwback to their 1980's white, red & green uniforms!

  • The Ottawa Senators surprised us with a statement saying they will bring back their 2017 Centennial Classic jersey as their new third jersey this season.

  • The Philadelphia Flyers will bring back their 2017 Stadium Series jersey as their new 2018-19 alternate. The only change to the jersey will be the addition of the "Philadelphia" word mark to the inside of the collar.

  • The San Jose Sharks unveiled a brand new third jersey for the 2018-19 season. They call it the "Stealth Jersey" since it is predominately black & teal with most of the white removed. See our blog post here.

  • The St. Louis Blues will bring back their 2017 Winter Classic uniform (which was based on their original 1967 jerseys) as their new heritage jersey for 2018-19.

  • The Tampa Bay Lightning all black third jersey was leaked online. We are still waiting for the official reveal.

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs will bring back their St. Pats uniforms for a game on St. Patrick's Day in 2019.

  • The Winnipeg Jets new "Aviator Blue" third jersey was officially unveiled on September 14th, combining the old & new Jets franchises into one jersey.

2019-20 NHL Season

  • The Vancouver Canucks will dawn black and orange for the first time since the 90's in 2019-20 (NOT next season) to celebrate their 50th season. In a fan vote, the "Flying Skate" jersey was chosen by 70% of voters over the "OG Orca" and the "Flying V." However, the "Flying Skate" will only be a historic jersey worn on select nights. The Canucks will also unveil an official third jersey in addition to the "Flying Skate."

Comment below which jerseys you would like to see teams bring back as a third! You can also send us your own jersey concepts to and then we'll post it to our concepts page (if you need a template we got you covered).

As far as other news, we should be getting more details in the coming days so continue to check our Facebook & Twitter feed for updates!




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