LAST UPDATE: 02.17.2020 


A very different approach was taken this year for the 2019 NHL All-Star Game jerseys. First, even though there are four teams, there will only be two jerseys - one white and one black (nooo!).

Second, the two jerseys...


The Philadelphia Flyers 2019 Stadium Series jersey was accidentally leaked online by a local sports store in Philadelphia and @FomezFoley32 managed to capture a picture of the image before it was deleted! 



With the new divisional 3-on-3 NHL All-Star Game format, we now get to see four new All-Star Game jerseys each year. We will still have to wait to see the new jerseys but the logos for each NHL Division have been un...


It took a while, but here is our blog post on the newest team in the NHL... the Seattle ______! Of course, there is no official team name yet but there are some clues that may hint at Seattle's future NHL brand.



The hosts for the 2019-20 NHL outdoor games and All-Star Game have been announced. There will be not one, not two, but three outdoor games in the 2019-20 NHL season and all three hosts are finally new teams we haven...


The Los Angeles Kings have officially unveiled their silver third jersey for the 2018-19 NHL season. For the most part it is the same as their 2016-17 Anniversary jersey, minus the shoulder patches and all of the go...


With third jerseys back in the NHL, there were a lot of new jerseys and logos unveiled!

There have been a total of 16 alternate jerseys unveiled thus far with four more that have been reported to still come. Out of t...


You thought all of the jersey unveilings were done last summer? Not a chance! After discontinuing third jerseys in 2018-19, they will be coming back next season

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